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" As a consultant, I provide effective strategies and solutions for business owners, to overcome challenges and develop opportunities. My work ensures their business is relevant, responsive and ready to thrive in the digital space. Ultimately driving increased profitability..."

A message from me, Karl Rutterford. Founder of Ralph & Co.

What I Do.


I listen to your business challenges or opportunities. I gather data by engaging with you and your business


I conduct an evaluation of your ask, using expertise, experience and facts


I provide realistic strategies and solutions. Ultimately driving improved business performance

Who I work with.

I work with clients across many different industries and sectors...

Artists, antique dealers, FMCG brands, interior designers, insurance companies, pubs and fitness clubs - to name a few

Clients often come to me as they have seen what I have achieved in the digital space. They've seen my results and my expertise, and also witnessed how I conduct myself as a business man and person

How I help a business.

  • I listen to the business owner, and discover their challenges and opportunities

As a consultant, I am not always asked to help because a business has lost direction or is struggling in a certain area. Sometimes, customers want to expand, refine or develop a part of their business, but they are not sure how to do so

  • I evaluate the 'listen stage' and suggest the best way I can help the business


I gather data, and then write a business strategy for my customer. I provide an external and unbiased critique of their current challenge or opportunity

  • I provide realistic solutions to overcome challenges or development

I demonstrate how I can help the business via a proposed timeline, and cost of my services. It is usual that I will support a business for 3 months, plus

  • I don't just advise, I implement

I like to get involved with my customers, possibly more than most in my profession. If you hire me, I'm by your side, available 24/7...

  • I'll be honest, passionate and authentic

I have strong values, therefore you can trust me. I believe consulting with integrity will only benefit you as a business owner. Equally, I can assure you I'm pretty easy to work with 

I've started, so I'll finish.

"Going the extra mile is important to me. I'm not interested in taking money and leaving. I strive for a five-star rating from every customer. I am not leaving until I have achieved that"


As your consultant, I am all in...

Consider me as part of your team

  • I will help you improve your business

  • I am a digital expert, proven as a corporate leader and as a business owner

  • My vast experience in digital means I will consult with facts, and not theories

  • I have worked in 'fast paced' environments -  I can take the pressure off you

  • Being a senior leader, I know how to converse with you

  • I am creative chap, that's why we will step out of the comfort zone

  • I get results. I know how to make profits in the digital space


How I can help you.

If you are struggling with any part of your digital business, now is the time to do something about it. The business landscape has evolved, so it's time to maximise opportunities and grow your business

Need help building an effective strategy?

Maybe you are confused with SEO, and how to work it...

A lot of customers I speak to (and support) are spending large amounts of money on social media ads and what I call 'old media'

They haven't evolved, or haven't been well advised previously

Organic growth is important, and I can show you how to change your habits to get the right rewards, long term...

Below are some reasons why you may wish to contact me today...

Limited Digital Presence.

  • I have a business, but little or no digital presence

  • I run a successful business, but I don't get this digital stuff

  • I have a good business, but no spare time to run the digital channel


I'm digital, without a strategy.

  • I have a website, but it's outdated and not mobile friendly

  • I am not sure how to market my business via social media, google etc...

  • I don't know how to build a digital strategy, I'm winging it

I'm digital, but not growing.

  • I am not sure how to target my customers effectively

  • Footfall to my website and/or retail premises is not consistent

  • The phone isn't ringing, sales are static, I'm a little lost

Digital is good, I need to expand.

  • My sales are good, I want to extend into retail premises

  • I want to extend my reach and acquire new customers

  • I have a marketing campaign in mind, not sure what media to use

Fancy a chat.?

If you feel now is the time to invest in some business support, I'd love to hear from you...

 There are two ways you can contact me today...

1 - Please fill in the short contact form here to request a call back


2 - You can book  an 'hour slot' with me to gain some immediate 'actionable' steps, to start improving your digital business


Karl Rutterford,

Ralph & Co. HQ


​email :

Mobile : 07468 496 293

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