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Hey. Welcome to CONSULT RALPH & CO.

I am a former corporate leader, turned business owner, turned consultant

" As a consultant, I provide effective strategies and solutions for business owners, to overcome challenges and develop opportunities. My work ensures their business is relevant, responsive and ready to thrive in the digital space. Ultimately driving increased profitability..."

A message from me, Karl Rutterford. Founder of Consult Ralph & Co.


Firstly, I am passionate about driving business success in the digital space

Secondly, my unique credentials show a track record of success as a corporate leader, and as a business owner

Since building my own digital start-up, I've been inspired to use my experience and knowledge to help others emulate my success

With 20 years experience in digital marketing, sales and communications, I am consulting with fact, authenticity and passion...

I can help your business.

Why would I need a consultant?.

The business landscape has changed, it's time to evolve...

Today, customers interact differently with businesses than they did yesterday. As technology continues to evolve, customer expectations evolve too

Thriving in the digital space is my expertise

Many business owners I talk to haven't evolved to meet changing business and market requirements

Ultimately, a wealth of rewards are being missed in terms of customer experience, growth opportunities and incremental revenues

The digital channel of a business is often the most neglected. Today it is imperative that a business is positioned as relevant, responsive and authentic, to maximise audience and sales opportunities

Please click below to see some examples of why you would want to contact me today...



Why Choose Me?.

As a digital consultant, I wear many hats. As a 'jack of all trades', my expertise spans all digital channels

Strategy, advertising, web design, marketing and social media, to name a few...

Why am I unique in how I consult?


I like to advise and implement too. Not only will I provide realistic solutions, I will help your business achieve them too. Call me a member of your team, I'm all in


Getting digital right is challenging. I have worked in digital for 20 years, and watched customer behaviour evolve. If you haven't evolved your business to meet these requirements, I can show you how

If you want to work with someone you can rely on and trust, then look no further than me...



" One of the most integral, honest gentlemen I've had the pleasure of working with "

" Thank you for your inspiration, advice and direction for me as a new business "

Haroon Khwaja, The House of Antiques

Flav, The Nostalgia Lounge

" Loved working with you. Your personality and drive will reap great rewards for others"

Graeme Brooks, Artist & Lecturer

"What a gent, influencer and inspirational character. A gain for those who are fortunate to benefit from Karl's knowledge and experience"

Jason & Lilly, Ridding and Wynn 

My. Ethos

Integrity | Passion | Pure Grit

I have proved throughout my career that leading with an honest approach, gains respect and credibility...

Conducting myself with good morals has enabled me to become an inspirational leader, and business man

Manors in business cost nothing

" Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value " 

--  Albert Einstein 



Ralph & Co. (named after my five year old son - Ralph), is tattooed on my arm. If I am passionate about something, then i'm all in. I strive for perfection, and am meticulous in my work ethic

If you are struggling to find that motivation in the morning, sometimes having someone impartial to speak to, is a relief

I can promise that I have experienced every emotion in the workplace, like you. When it gets tough (which it does), it's good to talk...

'The Call'. is a great way to introduce you to my expertise, and my suite of services. Why not check it out now



I've been there. I CAN HELP.

" The only way to do great work, is to love what you do "

--  Steve Jobs, Apple


As a consultant, I advise, coach and mentor with facts, not theory... 


Corporate 22 years | 18 years Digital experience | 4 years business owner 

Since the age of 17, I have been exposed to customer behaviour. As a marketeer for a global eCommerce business, I was fortunate to manage some of the largest brands in the world. Working with some of the finest people in the digital space, I was able to create a huge skill set to benefit my customers

Sales | Marketing | Insights | Account Management | Communications 

One could say that as a 'jack of all trades' in the digital space, this makes me a unique and valuable acquisition for your business...

My. Start-Up Business.

In 2015, I decided to start my own business - Ralph & Co. Vintage

Specialising in supplying decorative antiques and interiors

With sales of over half a million and six-figure profits, I knew that I had created something special. I made a significant impact in a trade that I was unfamiliar with

Along my journey, I became a constant and reliable source of information and support for others. Individuals wanted to emulate my success. I inspired others...

That's why I am a consultant today

I have achieved great things in the digital space

...and I can help you do the same too!

Suppliers of Decorative Antiques & Interiors

" You created a great brand and ethos. Loved watching the business grow "

- Simon, Cambridge

" The website caught my attention straight away, it was so different. It oozed fun "


- Helen, Google

" If you haven't visited, you're missing out on one of the finest retailers in the known vintage world "

- Oliver, Google

" Pleasure to buy from you, absolute pleasure to know you"

- Kevin, Burwell

I appreciate that you may not know what help you need. That's actually fine and what I am here for

Maybe you'd just like to talk to me to discover for yourself?

I'd love to. 

I usually have an informal chat over the phone with a prospective client, to discover what challenges or opportunities you are facing in business

If there's a mutual agreement for us to work together, then we can follow up with a face to face meeting

Before we do that, let's find out how you are doing. That's important to me...

Fancy a chat?


Karl Rutterford,

Ralph & Co. HQ


​email :

Mobile : 07468 496 293

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